Helping provide a luxury spice experience to take you on a culinary adventure.


WE CREATED International Spice District because we know fresh, pure spices are hard to come by locally. Most spices that you see on the grocery store shelves were sitting in the warehouse for months or even years before being shipped out to your local grocer. This causes a huge loss in fresh taste and bold flavors. We here at International Spice District are bringing back the bold.

LIMITED SUPPLY, HERES WHY: We source our spices from the middle of the Sahara Desert in Morocco to ensure the best quality products. We also want to ensure the best freshness and to do that we order in small batches from local farmers in Morocco. Our curator treks through the Sahara to find the finest spices and then journeys back to the city of Marrakech to ship them to direct to me. No distributor No middleman.

Each Purchase helps to support my small business here in Montana as well as the farmers in Morocco.

WE PRIDE OURSELVES in exotic spices and blends that are so personalized, it’s just as if you were in the markets in Morocco yourself. Because of this, each batch of blended seasonings may take on their own unique spin. 

All seasonings are salt free ensuring you get all the flavor with no unnecessary fillersSince the spices are coming from such an exotic location, sometimes shipping times may affect stock levels. Shipping from morocco can take anywhere from 10-30 days so if you see something you like grab it before it’s gone!

And don’t worry about not using them fast enough. Most of the spices have a shelf life of up to 5 years

All seasonings are salt free ensuring you get all the flavor with no unnecessary fillers.